About Us

Avetisyan brand is a holistic handmade soap and cold pressed oil production company started by one pharmacist’s quest for pure and healing ingredients found in nature. The company was founded by Nelli Avetisyan, a pharmacist and a former professor at the School Of Pharmacy at Yerevan State University, Armenia. In 2013 Nelly Avetisyan received “The Best Woman Innovator, Entrepreneur” award from the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia. Avetisyan combines her professional knowledge with ancient Armenian holistic living traditions to develop new categories of the body care products. The products are made of 100% pure, natural ingredients. Avetisyan’s utmost goal is to establish a progressive, ecologically sustainable enterprise, using earth friendly production and packaging technologies. The revival of the lost healing prescriptions of native Armenia known from ancient times, and reinvent them with a modern sensibility and appreciation for a healthy planet.