Armenian Bezoar.

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Goat-milk soap
A lush, creamy, very gentle white soap designed to treat irritation and swelling. It moisturizes, nourishes, restores elasticity, slows down premature skin aging, and improves skin pigmentation. Relieves irritation and swelling of the skin.

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Each bar of soap is sculpted under the head of a wild mountain Armenian bezoar or mouflon goat. Based on environmental and ethical considerations, to preserve the animal listed in the Red Book of Nature, the milk of a domestic goat grown in various ecological zones of Armenia and Javakhk are used to make soap. The soap takes on different colors depending on the oil content of the milk. The main ingredient – goat milk contains many amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, cephalins, Coenzyme Q10, vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, C, F, D, macronutrients, K, Mg, Zn, Se, Ca, and Lacto-enzymes.
Rub gently into damp skin and let sit for a few minutes before rinsing. You will feel the difference in your skin after the first wash with this gentle paste.
“Armenian bezoar” soap is ideal for the whole body and is recommended for daily use.

4 reviews for Armenian Bezoar.

  1. Gohar

    I bought this soap a few months ago. It smells absolutely heavenly! Leaves my skin soft, so soft that I even stopped using lotion. Lasted much longer than I expected. Great product! Thank you Nelly!

  2. Anna

    I have been looking for all natural soap for a long time now and by chance found out about VerdePharm. I trying to cut out any and all chemicals from my care products. I used this soap on my face and love it. I removes all the puffiness from my face in the morning and relaxes me at night. I will definitely purchase it again and look forward to trying other products of Verde as well.

  3. Kanyon Walker

    Thank you so much, I am enjoying this soap and it came super fast!
    A great transaction.

  4. Marilyn Blondeau Caillet

    Very happy with my handmade Armenian Bezoar soaps. They are not tested
    Marilyn Blondeau Caillet on animals and made of 100% pure, natural ingredients. A lovely gift
    for a mother, Aunty or grandmother. Very fast delivery as well.
    Thank you so much! ???????

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