Coffee – Anti Cellulite Soap

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This coffee soap scrub is a special treat crafted for coffee lovers.

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The soap opens your pores, allowing the herbal extracts to penetrate deeply into the skin. The soap also restores skin cells, regulates skin moisture, and boosts blood circulation, while nourishing the skin.

With its exfoliating, moisturizing, and nourishing qualities it is ideal for pregnant women to prevent stretch marks.

Intended for the face and body. Leave for several minutes before washing.


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1 review for Coffee – Anti Cellulite Soap

  1. Lena

    WOW! this soap is great for a nice and thorough body scrub! It comes with a sheer cover that you can use with the soap inside, or you can lather it on to your loofah. Either way, it wakes me right up, and gets my skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated!!

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