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With rich ingredients, this soap is a wonderful solution for skin irritations and other conditions.This soap contains 7-8 herbs, oils, and essential oils and fresh cold-pressed flax oil.

increases the efficiency of treatment of various skin diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, and acne. It can also be used as a cosmetic soap.

Apply on wet face/skin and rub until it foams. Let it stay on the skin for a little before washing. The soap should be kept in a dry place.

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  1. Lena

    I really love this soap! I used it mostly for my face for a light wash and it leaves it soft & supple!

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Grandmother Satenik from Armenian village Verin Getashen of Martuni district has extracted oil by the medicinal recipe inherited from her grandfathers, has woven a “palakh” from special plants of Argich river (in the picture you can see one woven by her, locally also called “kyam”). She has collected Viburnum lantana (locally known as “gyarmshi”) branches from the historical reserve of the Armenian King Khosrov, and then heated the clay jar. Mixing all this with flax oil and Grandmother’s holy prayers, in her magical hands they become a cure to hair loss and different skin diseases. A small part from Grandmother Satenik’s technology has been restored in this soap with perfected modern approaches, and the soap has acquired a new usage. 
Flax soap contains plants, essential and plant oils, omega 3, vitamin E, β-carotene. Thanks to its rich content this soap is silky and wonderfully solves skin problems.         


All the pictured items were given to Nelli  by Grandmother Saten’s grandson, and I want to thank him for that