Old Armenian Gods




One more gift from “Verde” to her motherland. It’s the queen of the marvelous hills of the Armenian highland-thyme which fascinates us with its wonderful odor and magic qualities. Thyme as an herb was famous in ancient Armenia. That gorgeous plant which grew on the high Alpine hills of the Armenian highlands had a magic ability to endow one with vital power and courage. According to ancient people’s belief thyme possessed also enchanting power. It was considered the symbol of bravery. In order to get strong the Roman soldiers bathed in thyme-water. In the Middle Ages maidens embroidered thyme branches on knights’ garments as a symbol of courage and bravery AmirdovlatAmasiatsi indicated that the herb separately or mixed with oil, wine, honey or other substances rehabilitates activity of organs. It is diuretic, fights against jaundice/icterus/ yellow fever and enhances brain and stomach. Taken with meals it relieves toothache, asthma, stimulates sight, cleans respiratory track of phlegm, regulates breathing, expulses worms. Wet compresses or bath with thyme ease joint, muscle and neural aches.

They can also be used to cure skin diseases. According to Amasiatsi the green thyme that has a sharp scent is the best kind. It can be an effective cure for bee stings when smashed and applied on the affected area. It also It also strengthens hair roots.Thyme is becoming an endangered herb in Armenia. It should never be picked with roots. Instead the flowering stems should be cut with scissors or a sharp knife.

The Latin name for thyme is Thymus meaning bravery and might. Our pagan ancestors burnt incense in honor of their gods. So our divine soap under the name of “Armenian Gods’ soap” will march into market. Let’s wish it a farewell to the hearts of people.



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