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A fantastic gift for her, him, and the entire family!

Includes four of our bestseller soaps. Armenian Bezoar, Coral, Flax, and Old Armenian Gods and a special blend of cold-pressed cosmetic oils developed by our experts.

The gift set is hand-decorated with dried flowers and unique trinkets often found in my own garden. The gift set comes in its own delicately decorated handmade pouch and contains the following soaps:

Armenian Bezoar will seduce you with its wonderful scent and leave your skin moisturized. The soap will nourish and restore elasticity while slowing skin aging and reducing skin pigmentation.

A soap inspired by Amirdovlat Amasiatsi recipes contains the extract of roots and a variety of essential oils, which work together to lessen skin pigmentations.

Armenian Gods
Unique soap which carries ancient and sacred Armenian rock art symbols from 3rd to 2nd Millennia BC, each carved by Avetisian herself. The soap relaxes eases joint and muscle aches alleviate various skin problems and strengthens hair roots.

An all-body soap with rich ingredients, the soap relieves skin irritations, particularly psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, foot calluses, leaves your skin smooth and rejuvenated, while also fighting hair loss.

Directions For Use:

Gently rub on wet skin and leave for a few minutes before washing. You will feel a difference on your skin after the first wash. These handmade soaps are ideal for the entire body and are recommended for daily use.

To be stored in a dry place.


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