A unique collection of soaps in exquisite packaging developed and designed by Nelli Avetisyan. The hand made packaging material is 100 percent natural and biodegradable. The set includes a travel size of bestseller soaps.


This unique biodegradable packaging called Tork´e is developed from byproducts of various herbs used during the production of our soaps. It is named after Torku –  one of the most beautiful provinces of ancient Armenia. Torku was located south of the Pontic Sea (now the Black Sea) and was the home of the powerful giant gods of Armenia. These exceptionally handsome Armenian giants are described in Armenian mythology to have black eyes and curly hair. The legend says one of these giants Tork – Angegh could easily tear huge rocks with his nails and throw them into the sea, pushing away enemies who tried to attack Armenia from the North.


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